Sunday, April 3, 2016

In the end...

        In the end I learned the steps you take to be a successful, diverse, and honorable officer, are not quick and easy. There are obstacles such as racism and sexism that will attempt to knock you off course. You cannot enter the police force and expect to have respect, it is something earned with time and proof. As you work, your performance proves who you are, not what you seem to be on paper. However if you do chose to push yourself and fulfill the tasks placed in your lap there are benefits that aren't comparable to any other job. At the end of a day, you are a part of the workforce that allows a community to rest peacefully at night knowing justice will be and is being served to the malicious people of the world. I'm excited to work for a band of officers so dedicated to serve the people in the future. Until then however I am even more excited to attend Otterbein University to study criminology and prepare myself for my future. I absolutely cannot wait to jump into all that Otterbein has to offer. Students there in my major have access to programs such as internships with the CPD, the US Marshalls, and various others. I plan to travel abroad, possibly to visit US Embassies abroad as well. While I am a cardinal, I will have access to so many incredible professors and opportunities there is a large chance I may double major in psychology along with criminology. I'm so grateful for my visit to the CPD's Canine Unit and SWAT building, the CPD's Training Academy, and my mentor Whitney Lancaster for my new connections and am dying to jump into my field with my new knowledge.

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