Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Questions for SWAT

Officer Bio


Years on the force:


Previous positions held:

Personal interests:

Most memorable moment on the force:

What do you get out of your job?

SWAT Department Questions

I understand that the typical demographic for the Division’s sworn personnel is a middle aged white man with 15 years of service. How does this affect the morale of the department?

Females only account for around 12% of the division, in what ways does this affect the officer selection process?

I found the CPD was accredited by The Commission of Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies and must undergo continual evaluation of the policies and procedures. How does CALEA determine if the agency is qualified?

The SWAT team spends around 25% of their time training. What exercises do they practice in order to maintain their highly regarded status?

How many members of the team are designated snipers? What guns do they carry?

What types of guns does the team carry? What kind of weapons?

What kind of armour do SWAT vehicles use? The officers?

What is the standard assembly protocol for the team when there is a call? Average response time?

In what order and formation does the team enter a crime scene? Who leads, who has which weapon, who is last in line?

Examples of emergency situations:


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